About Our Clinic

At Culpeper Hearing Center in Culpeper, VA we are proud to provide exceptional patient care and the latest in hearing care technology to our valued patients. Through our comprehensive and compassionate approach to hearing health, we strive to provide optimal solutions for all lifestyles and budgets.

About Hearing Loss

Did you know that 85 decibels or higher is considered excessively loud when it comes to noise and is the number one cause of hearing loss? Protecting your hearing is an important part of your plan to keep your hearing healthy. Ask our providers about custom hearing protection options!

Our Services

Hearing Aid – Hearing Device Consultation

Deciding what type of hearing device is appropriate is a team effort between the patient and audiologist. It is very important to know what specific needs the patient has – the audiogram by itself cannot decide the best hearing aid to try. Together we determine the technology level and style that best suits your needs by using functional assessment tools. In addition, all hearing devices may be tried without obligation to assure you of a satisfactory outcome.

Hearing Aid Repair

We repair all makes and models of hearing aids. Most repairs will come with a new warranty against defects. Re-programming is available on most models of hearing aids for patients who have purchased devices elsewhere.

Real Ear Measurement and Visible Speech Mapping

Patient feedback is critical to decide how the overall adjustment to amplification is progressing; just as important is an objective measurement to ascertain that the hearing device is performing the way it is programmed to. This type of testing, with specialized equipment, is used to confirm that the hearing device fitting is appropriate for your hearing loss.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

In addition to behavioral audiometric measures, including high frequency audiometry and/or electrophysiological testing, functional assessment is extremely valuable to determine what type of tinnitus management would benefit a given individual. Tinnitus treatment may include: education/information about what tinnitus is and what current theories are; hearing aids; tinnitus re-training therapy; noise generation treatment. Up to date tinnitus information is provided.

Cerumen removal

Otoscopic inspection will determine if wax build up has occurred. If the amount of cerumen will interfere with obtaining valid test measurements, the patient will be advised. Dr. Mallory has been trained to remove ear wax using irrigation, instrumentation, and suction. If the wax build up is severe, it may be recommended that the patient see a physician specialist for removal.

Video Otoscopy

Specialized equipment that allows us to not only see but record and capture what condition your ear canals, ear drums or hearing aids are in.

Hearing conservation programs for industry

Customized hearing conservation programs, including baseline and annual audiometric evaluation are available for small to mid-sized local companies. Record keeping is maintained; recommendations provided for type of hearing protection; and noise level measurements are provided on an as needed basis.

Electrophysiological Hearing Measurement

Distortion product otoacoustics emission testing is an objective measure that assesses outer hair cell function in the cochlea. The outer hair cells are responsible for amplifying sounds before neural transmission occurs.

Diagnostic hearing evaluation

Adults of all ages, industrial workers who have been notified of changes in their hearing, patients receiving chemotherapy treatment that need hearing monitoring – any patient who suspects hearing loss is completely evaluated to determine the degree and type of hearing loss. Tone testing, speech testing, middle ear testing and inner ear testing are all part of a complete evaluation.

If you or a loved one has a hearing problem, you might be missing out on all the wonderful sounds of life. We’re on your team for better hearing, and will work with you and your family to provide stress free hearing again. We value being a part of the Culpeper, VA community and believe in treating our patients like family. We know that every person has different needs, and everyone has a unique lifestyle, that is why we are readily available to answer all your questions and to help you on your journey to better hearing health.

Culpeper Hearing Centeris part of the Hearing Health USA network of healthcare providers, whose patient promise states: “We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of hearing healthcare and to guide each individual through their journey to better hearing.”

Meet Our Providers

Brittany Viniarski, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA

Dr. Viniarski has been practicing in Virginia for the last two years. She sees patients of all ages for diagnostic testing and treatment of hearing loss. She graduated with as a Doctor of Audiology from Salus University's George Osborne College of Audiology (formerly the Pennsylvania College of Optometry) in 2015. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the Pennsylvania State University; along with a Minor in Human Development and Family Studies in 2010.She is also a member of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association and maintains the Certificate of Clinical Competence. She is also a fellow at the American Academy of Audiology.